Officer Hartshorn Earns Medal Of Valor

October 12, 2001 A call is dispatched about a man standing in cope Street near Lathrop avenue Savannah Georgia armed with a gun. As Officer Erik Hartshorn arrived the suspect turned and fired his AK-47 multiple times in his direction, striking him once in the leg. Officer Hartshorn returned fire striking the suspect four times. Unknown to Officer Hartshorn, the suspect was wanted in Atlanta for shooting a friend 30 times with the same weapon. In addition, the suspect had told the man he was arguing with that he would shoot the first officer that arrived. Officer Hartshorn and his back-up, Officer Crews conducted themselves as they had been trained properly following procedure, minimizing thier own vulnerability and sucessfully removed a vary dangerous suspect from the streets without serious injury to themselves or other civilians. Officer Hartshorn received a standing ovation from City council January 11 2001 and received the Medal Of Valor that afternoon in front of his peers at precinct 1.
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