Man shot after taking aim, police say
[New Orleans, LA]

By Natalie Pompilio; Staff writer
February 14, 2001 Wednesday
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The Times-Picayune (New Orleans)
February 14, 2001 Wednesday

(NEW ORLEANS) -- A police officer on patrol in a 7th Ward neighborhood shot and seriously injured a 21-year-old man Tuesday afternoon after the man pointed a gun at the officer and his partner, police said.

Fifth District Task Force Sgt. Bryan Lampard shot Cornell Harris in the right side and thigh behind a home in the 2300 block of Annette Street just before 1 p.m., Police Department spokesman Lt. Marlon Defillo said. Harris was in guarded condition after surgery at Charity Hospital. Lampard and his partner were not injured.

The officers were sitting in a marked car near the corner of Annette and Tonti streets just before 1 p.m. when they saw Harris, who was walking toward the police car, suddenly turn and walk in the other direction. He appeared to have a weapon in his waistband, the officers said.

The officers got out of the car and watched as Harris walked to the front door of a yellow camelback house at 2306 Annette St. and "fooled with the doorknob," Defillo said, acting as if he lived there.

That's when the home's occupant opened the door and challenged Harris. Annette Street resident Thaddeus Williams watched the scene from his front porch across the street.

The homeowner began yelling at Harris, Williams said, and Harris jumped off the porch and began running toward the back of the house. Lampard followed and shouted at Harris, Williams said.

"He told him, 'Stop! Stop! Don't do that!' then pop!" Williams said.

Harris had turned and pointed a gun at Lampard, prompting the sergeant to fire two shots, Defillo said. Investigators recovered a loaded gun at the scene and later found crack cocaine in Harris' clothes.

Harris, 2263 N. Galvez St., will be booked with attempted murder of a police officer, being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and possession of crack cocaine, Defillo said. Other charges may be pending, he said. Harris has a 1998 conviction for crack cocaine possession, police said.

During his seven years with the NOPD, Lampard has received numerous awards for bravery and outstanding achievement. He was also one of two officers accused of manhandling a 14-year-old girl in the St. Thomas public housing development in 1997. The outcome of that internal investigation was not available Tuesday, Defillo said.

Lampard will be placed on administrative reassignment pending an investigation, which is department policy, Defillo said.

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