Three charged after girl dies of alcohol poisoning

February 27, 2001
(CORVALLIS, Ore.) – A mother and son and another woman have been charged with supplying vodka to a 14-year-old girl who died of alcohol poisoning.

Prosecutors say that Lonna Capaci bought a half-gallon of vodka that one of her sons took to Teresa Bettes’ apartment. Among the young people partying there was Amy Wardle, who allegedly drank shots of vodka to celebrate her 14th birthday.

When Wardle passed out, Bettes allegedly had someone carry her to a bedroom. She was found dead the next morning.

Bettes has been indicted on charges that include first-degree manslaughter. Capaci faces a charge of criminally negligent homicide, and her son, 17-year-old Tristan Demers, has been charged as an adult with second-degree manslaughter.

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