Getting a Little Crazy in Terre Haute, IN

Now I know that many of you probably don't have or have ever heard of Terre Haute, IN. Well, rest assured - By May 16th, everyone in the world will know exactly where we are. Why is that, you ask? We happen to be a town with a Federal Prision. Not to say that they are not great neighbors, and have provided many jobs to the area, and we do appreciate them in our town. But, it is the only Federal execution site - Get the picture - Timmothy McVeigh! Since McVeigh passed all appeals, this city has and is quickly becoming a flurry of activity. Just today, the Vigo County School Corporation accounced that it will close all 25+ schools on May 16th to ensure the childrens safety. This has been a long ongoing discussion with many groups which I have been part of and I must say that I do somewhat agree with the closing for safety reasons. Many disagree saying that we are playing into his [McVeigh's] hand. But what do you do? Leave the children in one area making it easy for an attack or spread them out across the county? I opt to error on the safe side. Already every hotel in, and surrounding the city are booked (mainly by network television stations from around the world)and there are already talk of militia factions moving in. Like I said - CRAZY for a city of 95,000.
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