An Officer's Experience

One of our PoliceOne.com users has submitted an on-duty experience where he almost lost his life. PoliceOne.com shares these experience in the hopes that other officers my find them helpful and that they make them more aware of potential dangers out there on the streets. If you have any similar experience that could help other officers, please send them to editor@policeone.com.

I would like to share with other PoliceOne.com users the story of an on-duty incident where I almost lost my life. I sent this because I think the story might be used to save the lives of other Officers and make them more aware of potential dangers.

You can see the pictures of what I lived through. My name is James Martin and I am with the Idabel, Oklahoma Police Dept. On February 10, 2000, I was responding to a call for assistance from the McCurtain County Sheriff's Department. The M.C.S.O. was in pursuit of a suspect that was reaching our city. My vehicle was one of those that had set up a roadblock. I was in one of the lanes directly facing the pursuit. When the suspect vehicle reached my location, he swerved into my lane hitting my patrol unit nearly head on at approximately 75 MPH.

I was pinned inside the unit, but never lost conscience. I knew immediately that my arm was broken and that something was seriously hurt around my left hip area. I could feel heat from the engine on my feet. I could also move my toes, so I was pretty sure that I was not paralyzed. Many of fears run through your head in a matter of seconds as a result of that type situation.

I suffered a broken arm and my hip was seriously injured. I was required to have 4 surgeries, which included lots of screws and pins and approximately 9 months of rehabilitation. I am still not exactly 100% but, to everyone's surprise I am back at work, I am on the streets with the Police Department.

There is no doubt that there are three things that saved me... 1) My seat belt 2) The air bag and last but surely not least 3) The good Lord above.

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