Officers kill man in shootout: NYC

By Brian Harmon Daily News Staff Writer
March 21, 2001, Wednesday Sports Final Edition
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Daily News (New York)
March 21, 2001, Wednesday Sports Final Edition

(NEW YORK) -- An armed Ridge man wanted for numerous speeding violations died at his home yesterday in a shootout with Suffolk police. When officers showed up at the home of Joseph Fields on Monday evening at 8 p.m. with nine warrants for his arrest, the 46-year-old greeted them at the front door with a 12-gauge shotgun.

Twelve hours, several tear gas bombs and two gunfire exchanges later, Fields was shot dead in a bedroom of his home on Newcomb Trail.

"When he was located in the bedroom, he fired at the officers," said Lt. John Gierasch, head of Suffolk's homicide division. "The officers returned fire and he was struck and killed."

Fields, who worked in the computer industry, had numerous suspensions on his driver's license for not paying speeding tickets. He was apparently expecting police to go to his home.

"When the guy came to the door with the shotgun, the warrant officers retreated," Officer Sonny DiStefano said.

From there on, police proceeded cautiously because they believed another person might have been inside the home. A hostage negotiation team and additional Sixth Precinct officers were called to the scene.

Police said Fields fired at officers when they tried to enter the home Tuesday at 2 a.m. At 5 a.m., and again at 6 a.m., police fired tear gas into the house.

Later, remote-controlled robots with mounted cameras entered the house.

"But the robots didn't see anything," DiStefano said.

The standoff ended about 8:30 a.m. yesterday, when police entered the home and found Fields in a bedroom.

During the stalemate, detectives tried to reach Fields by telephone. But Fields' listed phone number put police in touch with a man named Richard Tures, who lives four blocks away on Rockaway Trail.

Tures has been getting calls for Fields for years - even when Tures lived in Sound Beach under a different telephone number.

"This is mind-boggling to me," Tures said.

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