Dear PoliceOne.com Member:


The last six months have been very difficult for the Internet Community. Money sources have dried up and many .com's have gone out of business. Lack of funding has affected PoliceOne.com's ability to deliver the up-to-date services that we offer the police community and we apologize.

However, we have reached the light at the end of the tunnel. We have secured a long-term future for PoliceOne.com. Our investors, including Chess Ventures, the investment fund for the Charles R. Schwab family, are leading a round of funding in PoliceOne.com and have made a commitment to insure that PoliceOne.com delivers on our promise to the law enforcement community and provides a much more reliable, user friendly and information-rich service.

For those of you who have stuck with us, we send you our heartfelt thanks. For those of you who have not visited us recently or have become frustrated, we ask you to give us another chance and help us make PoliceOne the best service for the law enforcement community that it can be.

In the next two months you will see many positive changes at PoliceOne.com. Next weekend we will be moving our servers to a more reliable provider and in the next two weeks you will start receiving the "newsletter" on a regular basis. Our customer service and officer confirmations are once again up-to-date, so if you have not been given secure access or need any help with the site please email CustomerSupport@PoliceOne.com.

PoliceOne.com does need your help. Many officers have already given us suggestions to upgrade the site - but we can always use more. We will also be contacting you in the upcoming months regarding new services. You have our promise that you will have our best effort in making PoliceOne.com the one complete resource for law enforcement.

Thank you for your support and patience.


PoliceOne.com Staff

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