Be prepared for an extended gun battle

Submitted by:
Sgt. Gregory Gammons
Springfield Department of Public Safety, Michigan


Law Enforcement is full of “what if’s” and we can only be prepared for some — hopefully most — of them. One thing we prepare for is response to an active shooter. But if responding to an active shooter, what are YOU bringing to the fight? More specifically, how many rounds of ammo do you have on you, and in your car?

Granted, the average gun battle last only a few seconds — and fewer than 10 rounds are typically expended — but do you have enough to carry on an extended gun battle?

I carry a Glock 23 with three larger magazines. I also have a 20-round M4 magazine on my belt for the HK416 in my patrol vehicle. In addition, I have three more Glock mags and four total M4 mags for a total of 90 .40 cal. rounds and 110 .223 rounds. Will I ever need that many? God help me I hope not, but... “What if?!”

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