Be polite and professional, but be ready to kill

Submitted by:
Jeff Crawford
Austin PD, Texas


Submitted by PoliceOne Member Jeff Crawford
Austin (Texas) Police Department

Too often I see this, “It’ll never happen here/to me” mentality — in both experienced officers and the younger generation of officers. In this day and age you can never be certain when and where it will happen. Go into EVERY situation with the mindset that someone is going to be trying to kill you because of what you are (LEO) and visualize what your response to that worst case scenario would be. As you are driving around, responding to a call for service, eating lunch, doing anything and everything, BE PREPARED for the unimaginable to happen.

When/if it does for you, you will be ready and your lag time will be minimized.

It’s a lot easier to deescalate a situation than it is to try and quickly escalate when you realize that you went into a situation mentally unprepared for the situation you find yourself in.

The quote I think many have heard, but too many don’t follow, is, “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.” Although many in our PC society may cringe at this quote, I think the message behind it couldn’t be any more accurate.

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