FW police say officer fired shot when gunman charged, Tex.

By Nancy Calaway
The Dallas Morning News
March 24, 2001

(Fort Worth, TX) - Fort Worth police said an officer feared for his life Thursday night when he shot and killed a man who ran toward him with a shotgun.

Jonathan R. Carlson, 21, of Fort Worth died after being shot once in the neck.

Officer J.G. Holman, a seven-year member of the Fort Worth department, was placed on administrative leave, a routine procedure in all officer-involved shootings. He could not be reached for comment.

Police officials said a south Fort Worth traffic stop went awry when Mr. Carlson fired a shotgun blast into Officer Holman's car before chasing the officer around a gas station and then aiming the gun at the officer.

"It really was a scary situation for the officer," said Lt. Duane Paul, a police spokesman. "We haven't gotten anything that would help the detectives with what was going on with Mr. Carlson or his motivation."

A family friend at Mr. Carlson's residence Friday said the family is trying to cope with Mr. Carlson's unexpected death and declined to comment further.

Officer Holman, a neighborhood police officer in the south division, was working a special assignment Thursday night targeting burglaries along the Interstate 35W business corridor.

About 11:40 p.m., Officer Holman pulled over a car that he said was weaving in and out of traffic. They stopped at the Texaco gas station at 414 E. Seminary Drive, police said. Before the officer could get out of his squad car, the car's driver stood up through the sunroof and fired one shotgun blast, hitting the police car's windshield, Lt. Paul said. Officer Holman was inside the car but was not injured.

The officer began to back his patrol car up, and the other car's driver followed it around the gas station at least twice, police said. The driver then pulled away from the gas station in the wrong direction on Seminary Drive.

The driver stopped his car about a block away in front of a restaurant, police said. Officer Holman pulled in front of the driver, who police said immediately got out of his car and ran toward the officer while aiming the shotgun at him, Lt. Paul said.

Officer Holman fired once with his department-issued handgun. The driver, later identified as Mr. Carlson, died at the scene.

"There's no such thing as a routine traffic stop because you just don't know what someone has or what they might do," Lt. Paul said. About "99.9 percent of the time, things go smoothly, but in that one-tenth of 1 percent, things can go bad very quickly."

A warrant for Mr. Carlson's arrest had been issued in Johnson County for probation violation. Officials said he was on probation for unlawfully carrying a weapon and had a previous arrest for aggravated assault on a peace officer.

Officer Holman's record of any commendations or discipline was not available Friday, but officials said he had not been involved in a shooting since he joined the force in 1993.

Separate criminal and internal investigations into the officer's use of deadly force will be conducted, police said.

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