Three more officers charged in LA scandal
[Los Angeles, CA ]

March 27, 2001
(LOS ANGELES) – Two Los Angeles police officers have pleaded no contest to charges stemming from the investigation of corruption in the Rampart Division.

Shawn Gomez was charged Friday with filing a false report and Manuel Chavez with assault. The two men signed plea agreements that have not been released.

Charges against a third officer, Ethan Cohan, include assault with a deadly weapon, perjury and conspiracy. His lawyer says that Cohan, who was fired in 1999 and is now a law student, intends to plead not guilty.

The three officers were named by Rafael Perez, a former police officer who began giving details of widespread corruption and misconduct in the division after his own arrest on drug charges. Perez said that he, Cohan, Gomez and Chavez were involved in a 1998 assault on a suspect.

A total of eight officers have been charged so far.

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