Be patient and alert

Submitted by:
Rich Von Voigt
Riverhead, New York


I recently made an observation and it inspired me to submit this Safety Tip. I was out riding in my vehicle when I noticed a police cruiser, lights flashing, with a vehicle pulled over to the side. The officer was looking into the vehicle drivers’ side door, the two subjects were out of the car. No one was cuffed, and one subject was sitting on the curb while the other one was leaning on the trunk of the car. The officer appeared to be preoccupied with doing whatever it was he was looking for or investigating. I stopped and watched for a few minutes, then another officer pulled up to assist.

It seems to me that whatever you’re doing, if you’re not paying attention to the subjects or waiting for back up first, you are leaving yourself open for a world of hurt. Be patient, keep time and safety on your side. Wait for that back up officer to get to you before you go searching for something with subjects out of your sight and control.

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