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Signalscape Partners with PoliceGrantsHelp to Offer Grant Assistance Program for StarWitness Products

The Grant Assistance Program Gives Law Enforcement a New Path to Grant Funds for Forensic Video and Video Evidence Recovery Capabilities

CARY, NC - Signalscape is partnering with PoliceGrantsHelp to offer law-enforcement agencies a faster, simpler path to grant money for StarWitness products. This program is designed to help agencies receive cutting-edge forensic video and video evidence recovery technology for fighting crime in their community, at no cost to their organization.

“Our goal as a company has always been to help law enforcement by bringing them great, crime-fighting products that make their jobs easier,” says Sam Burgiss, Director of Products, “This partnership is our most recent step in that commitment. We're excited.”

The grant assistance program offers one-on-one assistance with applying for grant funding, including help with which grants are available, and which an agency is eligible for. Anyone can apply for this service, for free, by going to starwitnessgrants.com, and filling out a simple form. PoliceGrantsHelp will assist an agency through the entire process -- from pre-qualification review to award.

Since 1998, our StarWitness Products have been helping law enforcement catch criminals with video evidence. StarWitness Field Kit and StarWitness Field Agent are the latest in our long line of innovative products for agencies. For more information, contact Sam Burgiss at Sam.Burgiss@signalscape.com, or call 888-685-2100.

PoliceGrantsHelp's mission is to provide law enforcement with a comprehensive resource for police grants information and assistance.  PoliceGrantsHelp features the most extensive law enforcement grant database ever created, with a library of information not only for federal grant programs, but also state, local and corporate grant opportunities.

Click here to request direct grant asssitance.


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