Maine cracks down on fast drivers at toll booths
[Augusta, ME]

April 23, 2001
(AUGUSTA, Maine) -- State troopers have handed out hundreds of speeding tickets and warnings since the state adopted a 10 mile per hour speed limit at toll plazas on the Maine Turnpike.

The new limit went into effect this month and was actually an increase from 5 mph, a limit that officials decided could not be enforced. The limit is in effect for 75 feet in front of the toll booths.

Troopers say that speeding became a problem at toll plazas after the state introduced an electronic toll system known as the Transpass in 1997. Drivers equipped with the transpass tended to breeze through the tolls as fast as they could.

While troopers say the crackdown on speeding, the more than 400 tickets and warnings and the new limit appear to be bringing a noticeable slowdown. But drivers say that at 10 mph 75 feet can seem to be a very long distance.


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