Police officer convicted of running drug operation
[Chicago, IL]

April 24, 2001
(CHICAGO) – A former Chicago police officer has been convicted of working with drug dealers, sharing in their profits and shaking down other dealers.

Joseph Miedzianowski faces a life sentence as a drug kingpin. After Monday’s verdict, U.S. Attorney Scott Lassar called the 22-year veteran “the most corrupt police officer that has ever been prosecuted in this district.” Jurors deliberated for two days before finding Miedzianowski and four of his alleged confederates guilty of conspiracy. Much of the evidence against them consisted of testimony from admitted drug dealers. But prosecutors also showed the jury a videotape of the police officer fishing with a drug dealer in Mexico and a photograph of a gang leader hugging Miedzianowski’s 10-year-old son in 1993.

Miedzianowski’s former partner, Joseph Galligan, is awaiting trial. Several other police officers have been charged with stealing drugs and money from a “stash house” set up by investigators in a sting operation.

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