Report finds no evidence of racial profiling in Chicago suburb
[Hillside, IL]

April 25, 2001
(HILLSIDE, Ill.) – A Chicago suburb’s own report has cleared its police department of racial profiling.

The study was done by lawyers hired by the Hillside Village Board. They said they found no evidence of “institutional racial profiling.” The report did recommend that Hillside hire more minority officers, keep better records of traffic stops and install video cameras on police cruisers.

The department has been sued by one of its own officers, Sgt. Mark Kosevich, who claims he was harassed after he gave a deposition in favor of a black colleague who had been dismissed. A black officer from a nearby suburb has also sued Hillside claiming he was targeted for racial traffic stops and abused by the officers who pulled him over.

William Quinlan, whose firm prepared the report, said that he and his colleagues reviewed records of traffic stops in Hillside and compared the racial mix to that in the village and neighboring communities. They also interviewed more than 100 people.

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