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RAM Mounts Introduces the 2011 Dodge Charger Police Laptop Mount

Optimize your 2011 Dodge Charger Police vehicle with a laptop stand from RAM Mount. Our light weight, yet rugged desk isolates shock and vibration; this keeping your laptop secure at all times. Adjust the included double swing arm and telescopic Tele-Pole to work on your laptop comfortably from both the driver or passenger seats. Don't worry about drilling the laptop base, because it is designed to be mounted using the existing hardware of the seat rails. Your durable laptop mount has now become the real reinforcement for your police vehicle mobile office.

The RAM-VB-129C-SW1 No-Drill Laptop Stand System installs quickly and easily into Dodge Charger vehicles using the existing hardware of the passenger side seat rails. This configuration provides a telescoping feature that ranges from 12 to 18 inches. Dual swing arms provide articulation and 12" of reach for passenger and driver access to the mounted device. Patented rubber ball and socket joint provides additional adjustment as well as shock and vibration isolation. The RAM Tough-Tray is spring loaded to accommodate 10" to 16" wide laptops & (17" wide screens). The tray features four adjustable retaining arms with rubber grip feature. These arms can be moved both vertically and horizontally. This allows for a custom fit for varying thicknesses of laptops and the freedom of not blocking ports or drives. A screen support and USB light are also available to accessorize the tray. Hole patterns on perimeter of tray facilitate the mounting of additional RAM systems to support GPS or other electronics.  

About RAM Mounts

RAM stands for Round-A-Mount and got its start in 1995. Most of the product line is based on a patented design revolving around a rubber ball and socket system. Far and away the most innovative product line of its kind, RAM continues to evolve into one of the most sought after accessories for electronics. RAM products have quickly become an essential mounting component for a wide variety of applications including rugged vehicle, industrial, military and defense, material handling as well as any application requiring a robust mounting solution. Incorporating a non-slip feature as well as shock and vibration dampening, our often imitated but never duplicated mounting solutions are truly one of a kind and enhance every application they are used in. Unwilling to compromise durability and versatility, many RAM products are available to support devices from less than a pound up to 185 pounds. Utilizing the finest assembly hardware, durable composites, steel, stainless steel, rubber, and aluminum, our mounting bases and complete kits are manufactured to perform above expectations and remain cost effective.  

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