Police Week

Dear Friends, Take some time to think about our sisters and brothers in blue all over the U.S. this Police week in May. Turn on a blue light on your front porches. ( Not a K-Mart Flashing Light) Let it burn all night during Police week to remember our fallen brothers who died in the line of duty!

Read the daily papers as there is usually a story or two about some of us who get hurt, some get greedy and some will do the heroic act of saving a life. Others will never get the recognition they deserve, and some will go above and beyond every single day.

Say a prayer for the families of police officers who lost a loved one in the battle to be peacemakers. Remember the children that look up to us for guidance, teach them not to fear us as Police Officers. But to RESPECT what we stand for!

Law -Order-and Justice for all! Thank you my friends for being there.

God Bless all of you! Pass this on to a neighbor and maybe we can light up the darkness with some Blue Light for our brothers and sisters who paid the ultimate sacrifice for PEACE.
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