NOBLE Issues Report on Racial Profiling: Calls for National Task Force
[Washington, DC]

May 4, 2001– Washington, DC – The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) issued its report on racial profiling at a briefing Thursday evening at the US Capitol. Captain Ronald Davis of the Oakland, California Police Department, who is also a NOBLE official presented the report. Davis described racial profiling as a “symptom” of Biased-Based Policing.

“I think that the attendance and interest shown for this conference demonstrates how critical racial profiling is to the nation. I would consider the briefing successful if the attendees left with a better knowledge and understanding of the issue. With that being said, it’s time to move on to Next Steps,” Davis said. He then outlined the “steps” that law enforcement agencies and legislatures can take to address racial profiling.

The briefing was attended by a diverse group and it was emphasized that the community and political leaders are going to have to work in partnership with law enforcement in order to solve this problem. Rev. Warren H. Dolphus, Religious Affairs Chair for the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice said: “As a clergyman I can understand the work that has gone into the issue of racial profiling and see the valuable assets this will play toward the legislature. More clergy and faith based community leaders need to be involved with NOBLE in promoting this initiative.”

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee applauded NOBLE’s efforts in working with communities and thanked the audience for attending the briefing. Congresswoman Lee commented, “I am familiar with the excellent work that NOBLE is doing in this area and I am going to share the report with [U.S.] Attorney General [John Ashcroft].”

The report highlights several crucial areas that must be visited to create a truly “blindfolded” system of justice. Those areas are:
· Mission Statement
· Recruitment & Hiring
· Training
· Assignment Rotation
· Promotion
· Discipline/Accountability
· Community Relation
· Leadership

NOBLE National President Ida Gillis related that many cities are now interested in having NOBLE provide racial profiling training to their law enforcement agencies. NOBLE has already conducted such training in Illinois and Indiana. President Gillis emphasized, “There are those in our profession who are in denial about racial profiling. NOBLE has met with Attorney General Ashcroft and recommended that he convene a National Task Force on Racial Profiling.”

Copies of the report are available by contacting Torian Lee at 703/658-1529.

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