Video: Brazil police clash with mob of firefighters

Anti-riot police moved in firing teargas canisters, pepper spray and rubber bullets at demonstrators


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil — Police clashed with thousands of firefighters who rallied to protest for better wages and working conditions on Friday June 3rd. Around 2,000 firemen marched the streets of Rio's downtown on Friday night and gathered outside the Fire Department headquarters blowing whistles and banging drums.

Protesters broke into the building and spent the night there, while officers tried to negotiate a truce in vain. Fireman Benevenuto Daciolo, one of the protest's organizers, said they wanted better compensation and benefits.

"We have the worst salary of the country, we are only asking for better compensation. We are asking for transportation benefits that we don't have and a wage of 2,000 reais," he said.

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