Arrests made after real gun used filming anti-violence PSA

Oakland police officers took custody of group who used firearms as video props

By PoliceOne Staff

OAKLAND, Calif. — Oakland police officers took custody of a teacher, a counselor, and a teenage student who used a real firearm as a prop while shooting a video in a public park.

KTVU reports that the video was part of a student film project about the dangers of gun violence that district officials are now calling "a serious lapse of judgment."

On Saturday afternoon, residents enjoying themselves in Oakland's popular Union Point Park noticed a group of people with guns and alerted the police.

"They were making a movie," said Police spokeswoman Holly Joshi. "There was a camera that was found. Two of the guns that were found were replica weapons. However they looked very real. And one of the guns was actually a real rifle."

Officers arrived on the scene and handled the situation, which Joshi called "alarming."

The supervising adults — the teacher and the counselor — had told the students to bring the props for the project, so police arrested, cited, and released them on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

They are now on administrative leave.

The student with the real firearm was arrested as well, and according to police, the student is currently in juvenile hall on gun charges.

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