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Adamson Industries Now Offers the Havis Idleright

Haverhill, Massachusetts - Adamson Industries Corp., a leading provider of public safety vehicle equipment and installation services is pleased to offer Havis’ Idleright vehicle idle fuel management system control module. The Idleright helps to reduce fuel consumption and engine wear.

How the Idleright works
When the vehicle is parked with engine turned off and warning lights turned on, the idle management system will allow equipment to operate under vehicle battery power alone until battery voltage drops below a user-programmable threshold, at which time it will automatically start the vehicle engine in order to recharge the battery. The vehicle will run for a pre-set (default) period of time or user programmable time sufficient to recharge the battery, and then shut off. It will continue this cycle until it is deactivated. The device is integrated primarily with the vehicle warning light equipment, so that it can only be activated when such warning lights are powered on. It includes safety shutdown features to prevent running the vehicle engine whenever the hood is open or when the brake pedal is pressed.  The idle management system will not require an external battery or other power source.  All logic components are installable under the vehicle dashboard. A momentary programming switch with diagnostic indicator light is installable to allow field programming of its features as needed.  The Idleright supports both gasoline and diesel vehicles with automatic transmissions.

Pricing and Availability
Havis’ Idleright ranges in price depending on vehicle.  To purchase, please call 800.232.0162 or visit us on the web at www.adamsonindustries.com.

About Adamson Industries Corp
Adamson Industries Corp. located in Haverhill, Ma provides agencies with safe, reliable and user friendly vehicles and equipment.  With more than 50 product lines, Adamson Industries Corp. offers a wide selection of equipment including vehicle lights, lightbar systems, prisoner partitions, siren systems, K-9 units, consoles and more.  In addition, Adamson Industries Corp state of the art installation facility offers a one stop source for creating highly productive law enforcement vehicles from simple installs to more complex upfits.  For more information or to request a copy of the 2011 Fleet Manager Buyers Guide, visit www.adamsonindustries.com.

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