Son of dead officer arrested after bizarre chase
[Seattle, WA]

July 10, 2001, 02:00 PM

SEATTLE - Police say the son of a dead officer took a patrol car for a ride, setting off a chase, collision and shootout in Seattle. No one was injured in the incident early Tuesday.

Spokeswoman Pam McCammon says 18-year-old Zachary Davis was arrested after he returned the stolen police car to the North Precinct parking lot. He's jailed for investigation of auto theft, eluding and impersonating an officer.

Zachary is the son of Ken Davis. The officer was killed in a 1995 crash while leaving work. He was struck by a car fleeing from a state trooper.

McCammon says Zachary has befriended by police officers, going on ride-alongs and serving an internship in communications.

Tuesday's chase began downtown when police tried to stop the patrol car driven by the young man. He reportedly also took a patrol car for a ride Saturday night and police had been told to look out for an armed impersonator.

McCammon says officers in two other cars lost sight of the fleeing vehicle and mistook each other for the impersonator. One rammed the other near an I-5 on-ramp. Then the officers - two in one car and one in the other - believing they were in a life threatening situation, opened fire.

Fifteen to 20 shots were fired. No one was hit.

McCammon says there will be a review of the shooting and accident.

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