Top cop in York hunts job

(The Associated Press, Aug. 16 ) -- Grofcsik cites mayor's plan not to run again

York - The city's top police official - criticized by some for supporting Mayor Charlie Robertson, who has been charged in a 32-year-old homicide case - is looking for a new job. Police Commissioner Herbert Grofcsik said yesterday that he is among a group of applicants vying for the job of police chief in Fort Lauderdale, Fla, and that he has also applied recently for other positions.

The commissioner, a former Philadelphia police lieutenant who was appointed York's top cop by Robertson in 1996, has come under fire for publicly defending Robertson, accompanying him to court and standing by him at news conferences. Grofcsik said his job hunt has nothing to do with the controversy over the ongoing race riot investigation.

He said he had planned to serve another four years as commissioner. But because Robertson's second term as mayor ends in January and he has decided not to run again, "Plan B went into effect, which is to look for another position." He added: "Like most people, I have bills to pay, a mortgage to pay, and other expenses."

The mayor is one of nine white men charged in the 1969 slaying of a black woman during 10 days of race riots in York.

Prosecutors say Robertson, who was a police officer in 1969, handed out bullets and encouraged whites to kill blacks in the hours before Lillie Belle Allen was gunned down by a white mob. Robertson has pleaded innocent.

The three mayoral candidates have not indicated they would retain Grofcsik's services.

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