A Labor Day tribute to Police Officers

Like School teachers, the policemen of America are underpaid, overworked, and never appreciated. Yet it is they who keep America a wonderful place in which to live, work, and live lives of quality. If anyone thinks otherwise, I would remind him or her of the Watts Riots in Southern California several years ago.

In Watts, ignorance, disregard of the law, manifested in outright arrogant criminal acts of breaking and entering, theft, battery, murder and arson were committed on an innocent civilian population. Thousands of people lost their material goods, property and jobs.

Hundreds more were injured in body and/or mind, never to recover spiritually or financially. All of this was swept under the table for the new religion of 'ultra liberalism' where minorities are accorded special and privileged treatment when involved in criminal activity.

This ultra liberalism masquerades under the bizarre philosophy that some how certain minorities need leniency because whites treated their ancestors unjustly over a hundred years ago! To me this special form of prejudice is just another manifestation of reverse discrimination. It cannot redress the problems of the long dead past, and only creates new resentments, social injustices and pressures.

This situation causes the white police officer to suffer to the point where he is even expected to risk his life when confronting suspected criminal of a different race, or prepare to be persecuted as a criminal himself!

Every time one officer errs toward these individuals who statistically have a higher criminal population, all the police of America suffer communal blame and recrimination. The result of the unfair press they receive is the further undermining of the respect and veneration officers of the law so badly deserve. Instead of the deserved respect, they are turned into figures of public derision and community hate.

As the aunt of a police officer, who worries for his life every time he is 'out there', working with outdated equipment, alone on some dark highway without adequate back up, inadequate financial reward for the risk he takes in the line of duty, my heart cries out for reform. Even though he is needed in this war against civil chaos, which would envelope us all without police protection, I wish he would leave before he is hurt, killed or maimed.

I feel the same for each and every one of you who are 'out there' alone in the darkness, standing there between the civil population while it sleeps and works, so thoughtlessly, in an atmosphere of relative safety. It is a haven provided by you, the police officers of America, who stand between us and those who so thoughtlessly would take all we have worked for, or even our very lives.

Yet even as I write these words I know you won't leave, even though what you do turns you into financial, and sometimes human sacrifices for our society. I hope the day will dawn when you at last receive the respect, equipment, and financial reward you deserve.

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