London riots: YouTube videos capture chaos

Multiple violent incidents caught on tape, but three in particular capture escalating violence, and one shows police response

By PoliceOne Staff

LONDON — Violence and looting continued to spread across some of London's most impoverished neighborhoods on Monday as police arrested hundreds of rioters. The riots were originally touched off by the fatal police shooting of a suspect last Thursday, but have since evolved into general chaos and destruction, with UK police trying to put out fires – figuratively and literally.

As with many recent mass "demonstrations," such as those in Egypt and Libya, much of the activity has been captured on video – with several in particular capturing the chaos as incidents have spread from London’s Tottenham district to other cities across the UK in what Prime Minister David Cameron put as "criminality, pure and simple."

Among the most viral videos are a bus burning in Tottenham, looters taking over a shop in Clapham Junction, and a mass of citizens destroying city property, all seen below. In the final clip, a Tactical Aid Unit in Manchester successfully catches rioters fleeing the city center.

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