Device finds child porn on WiFi

Law enforcement can use the Aircheck to check for online predators

By PoliceOne Staff

EVERETT, Wash. — A handheld device that detects nearby WiFi networks can help police track down child pornography.

The Aircheck WiFi tester created by Fluke Networks identifies both open and password-protected WiFi networks, pinpointing people handling illegal content so police can quickly arrest suspects, KVAL reported.

Child predators who piggy-back on someone else's WiFi signal makes it a difficult and lengthy process to trace crimes, but the Aircheck sorts through variables for investigators and removes some of the hassle.

"It provides us and additional layer of certainty that the person we are targeting is, in fact, the suspect that we are looking for," said Sgt. Dave Mathers. "We don't have to go in blindly anymore."

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