Video: Woman has meltdown after crash, accosts police

A woman shouts expletives at police officers who were investigating a car crash

By PoliceOne Staff

COLUMBIA, Mo. — A woman – donning only a white tank top and a pair of bikini bottoms – is seen on video accosting police officers who were investigating a car accident.

Police say they stopped the couple Sunday after the woman’s husband lost control of their pickup trick, which was towing a boat.
She launches on a rant at the troopers, useing explicit language, raising her voice and clearly becoming very angry. At one point, she asks the officers to use their TASERs on her, and at the end of the video, she takes out a Bible and waves it in officers' faces.

“Let’s see you put your hands on the Bible,” she tells the officers. “It’s a power thing.”

The woman has been released from police custody, and her husband was arrested on charges of drunk driving, marijuana possession, and driving without a license, according to WZZM.

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