Pick your battleground carefully

Submitted by:
Rich Von Voigt
Riverhead, New York


When you arrive on a scene, notice your location, your surroundings, and the subject you are about to encounter. If this situation is going to end up with an arrest or any type of hands-on physical confrontation, try to pick the location you will take the subject down. You do not want to be on a stairway or rooftop, standing near a window, or at a construction job site where you can be pushed into a foundation or other dangerous object. Make sure you can control as much of the scene as possible before you go hands-on. Of course we don't always have that luxury, but when the opportunity allows, try to get the subject in a more suitable place to effect the arrest. Use your verbal skills to accomplish this, making sure your backup officer is on board with what you are trying to do. Try never to let the bad guy walk you into a bad situation.

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