Search for Deadly Pet Disruptes Toronto

By The Associated Press May 1, 2000 TORONTO (AP) - A full-scale search for a deadly pet snake had all the trappings of a crime scene Monday, as police cordoned off parts of a downtown neighborhood with yellow tape and officials staged a stakeout of homes and shops. The aggressive approach paid off when the search team discovered the 45-centimetre saw-scaled viper coming out from under a radiator in its owner's home late Monday afternoon. The viper was one of up to 20 snakes kept in an apartment above a strip of shops in a busy shopping and residential district of the city's west end. Its owner reported the reptile missing after realizing it hadn't been in its cage for three days. Alarmed because a single bite from the reptile can kill, everyone from police to firefighters and ambulance crews had descended on the area called Parkdale, shutting down stores and warning schools and day-care centers to keep children indoors. Copyright 1999 Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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