Video: October's 5 most popular police videos

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By PoliceOne Staff

Police officers see a lot on the job, as evidenced by encounters with one suspect who was ready for a wrestling match and another who charged at a cop wielding a knife, which were two of October's most-watched videos. Also among our top clips was surveillance footage of a pretty stupid criminal — at least watch that one; you'll laugh — and a feel-good story of a boy who idolized police.

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Suspect wrestles cop to the ground, gets TASERed

A former wrestler tries to take down an officer and gets a less-lethal jolt after their skirmish in the middle of the road.


'Make a Wish' grants boy's dream of meeting cops

If you had one wish in the world, what would it be? For one very special little boy from New York state, it was to meet the local cops.


Officer shoots teen who charges with knife

Fortunately, the officer was armed and able to defend himself against a teen and his edged weapon.


Man arrested after robbing store in front of cop

A dumb criminal embarrasses himself when he attempts to rob a convenience store with an officer standing right behind him. The clerk did not take him seriously.


Police seize 11 'supercars'

As part of a money-laundering investigation, police abroad got their hands on some nice-looking sets of wheels. Slap some lightbars on top of those babies.



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