Video: November's 5 most popular police videos

By PoliceOne Staff

November's most-watched videos included fun and serious fare. Coming in at number one was a crazy edged-weapon encounter where a seemingly deranged suspect slashed an officer's face and consequently, got shot seven times. That must-see was followed closely by a clip spoofing police officers that had local officials upset — but that most of you said just made you laugh.

Use the Comments section below to tell us if you think these merited the attention they received, and if you have videos of your own, upload them to BLUtube.

Suspect lunges at Ind. cop before slashing face

Officers shot a suspect seven times after he bolted out of his car and slashed a cop in the face using a large knife.


Police spoof video angers Calif. officials

Council members grew angry over a viral video that spoofed police, but a lot of you said you thought it was funny.


Cop lays big hit on 'roof jumper' suspect

One of six teenage suspects pulled over by police used rooftops to evade the cops — and got tackled.


An appreciation for SWAT training

A local news team tagged along during SWAT training and learned a thing or two. "I'm just glad they're on my side," a reporter said.


Bulldog, NYPD horse now best friends

If only all Occupy encounters could be as harmonious as this one, featuring a curious dog and a patient horse.



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