Facebook Forum: Your 10 weirdest calls

You told us about the strange or offbeat calls you've responded to

By PoliceOne Staff

We recently asked you on Facebook to tell us about the strangest call you’ve ever responded to – that you can talk about, at least. This particular question may have brought in some of the most hilarious responses we can remember, and plenty that were just plain odd.

Below are a 10 calls that most definitely qualify as strange. What’s the weirdest call you’ve responded to? Tell us in the Comments section.

"Lady thought demons lived in her snowman and wanted me to execute them with a bleach gun."
— Sadie Pristave

"I’m not a cop, but my husband is an ISP trooper, they got a call complaining about the deer not crossing where the posted deer crossing signs are LOL" — Angela Noirfalise

"A lady called to report that someone had dumped a large amount of poop in her trash can. She was upset and wanted the police to respond, since she felt that she was targeted and wanted a new trash can. I told he she should be glad the culprit dumped it in her trash can and not her yard."
— Christopher Hands

"At a home for mentally disabled people I arrested the invisible man for public nudity and resisting an officer x2. True story." — Blake Fuselier

"Got a call about a loud domestic. It turned out the couple was having sex and could be heard across the street." — Robert Scott Loewen

"The capture of a housecat that was holding its family hostage." — Matt Laux

"Lady called to say that the Jehovah's Witnesses and her neighbors across the street are control satellites that control her bowel movements." — Matthew Siart

"A bingo hall employee called because the announcer would call out balls with colorful words attached (B4, a--holes) at a bingo hall for elderly people. The announcer was elderly too :)" — Dennis Basonic Sr.

"I had a guy throw his glass eye at me. He apparently didn't like me." — Allen Himes

"I would comment but they get stranger every day so I have a feeling 'we ain't seen nothing yet.'"
— Cathy Taylor

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