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Vertx Adds New Multicam Smock to Tactical Line

Cincinnati, OH — We're proud to introduce the Vertx Multicam Smock, our contemporary take on a military classic. The same world-class design and functionality of our popular Vertx products, the Smock features a fleece lined button down hood, sleeve pockets with concealed zipper, and mesh lined side openings for ventilation.

GearScout.com says of the jacket, “The smock is a distinctive piece that adds modern styling and function to a vintage design. I think this will be the first in a resurgent wave of combat smocks marketed in the States.”

About Vertx
VERTX pants owe their existence to a special group of operators whose mission is to save lives. Disappointed with the caliber of pants available that fit its unique needs, this group held a design competition. The objectives: Create a garment that can be worn in a variety of environments: make it comfortable and casual, but fortify it with the functions and features that an operator performing at the highest level may need in an instant. Design it for mobility and agility, without calling attention to it.

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