Police Kill Suicidal Man in Oregon

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ESTACADA, Ore. (AP) - Sheriff's deputies shot and killed a Portland man they said was suicidal and waving a gun in a restaurant parking lot Thursday.

Kenneth E. Gerde, 47, got out of his car and advanced toward deputies when at least two of them fired, said Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputy Angela Blanchard.

The shooting, which occurred about 6 p.m., prompted authorities to shut down nearby businesses and close Oregon 224 for about two hours, Blanchard said.

Authorities received a call at 4:36 p.m. from Gerde's brother, saying he was suicidal. Gerde had phoned his brother from the Cazadero Inn, a restaurant and lounge in downtown Estacada.

Six to eight deputies arrived at the scene and tried talking with Gerde, who was reclined in the driver's seat of his Saturn car. Deputies said he had a handgun on his lap, and his family had warned he had access to several firearms.

Gerde got in and out of the car as deputies tried to negotiate with him, Blanchard said.

"He was agitated, and they could tell he was extremely intoxicated, and not listening to their commands," she said. "He advanced on the officers. A canine was deployed on him, and at least two deputies fired on him, striking him."

The two officers who fired shots were placed on administrative leave, a standard procedure. Blanchard said their names likely would be released Friday.

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