Do you have the spirit of a warrior?

Submitted by:
Rich Von Voigt
Riverhead, New York


Do you arrive at work with the spirit of a warrior, or do you just show up with the attitude just another day of job BS and public stupidity? If you have the attitude that this is just going to be another eight- or ten-hour shift of nonsense, you have to change your way of thinking.

This job is not like any other, you get paid to get involved when everyone else is moving away from the problem. You have to keep yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually fit, so that you can make it through your tour and get home at the end of the day. I recently read a quote which made me think about how I want to take care of me.

Over here, over there, everywhere, today, tomorrow... always bad men there are. Hate you they do, kill you they will, watch out you better!
— Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper

Reading this just kind of puts things in perspective. We had about 175 LEOs killed in the line of duty in 2011 — about 65 by gunfire. The numbers are still rising as I write this safety tip. So, why would you not want to be a better and safer you.

There is more benefit in being positive at work than negative. Get that Warrior Spirit up and running.

Be smart, be safe, be tactical always.

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