King City Chief Loses his Badge

MONMOUTH, Ore. (AP) - Jim Brooks, the former King City police chief who was accused of using fake names on forms for years, has lost his badge.

A state board of police officers, firefighters and other public safety workers voted unanimously Thursday to take that action against Brooks.

"If your integrity and honesty is in question, you have no business being a police officer," John Courtney, police chief of La Grande and a board member, said after the 16-0 vote.

The vote came after the board read a February report from the Oregon Department of Justice that revealed Brooks has used 12 variations of his name, six birth dates, nine Social Security numbers and five birthplaces on official forms.

The report also said that Brooks, 56, bought property he lives on near Sherwood under a fake name and that he was arrested in Oregon, Wyoming and California on weapons and forgery charges.

Brooks was fired by the King City Council about two weeks after the report was presented.

Brooks' attorney, William Aring Meyer, said he would appeal the ruling by the Board on Public Safety Standards and Training.

If an appeal fails, Brooks could reapply for certification after four years.

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