Police chief: Video refutes blogger's 'babysitting while white' story

Blogger Scott Henson admits errors in a post he published about APD officers responding to a kidnapping call

By PoliceOne Staff

AUSTIN, Texas — Dash cam video contradicts an Austin blogger's claims that officers responding to a kidnapping call drew TASERs and roughly handcuffed him as he walked with his granddaughter.

On Feb. 10, police detained Scott Henson while responding to a call about a kidnapping involving a white man and a black girl at a youth complex,  according to the Austin American-Statesman. The post on Henson's "Grits for Breakfast" blog, which garnered international attention, said a Travis County deputy questioned Henson's relationship with his granddaughter, who he was walking with. The deputy released them after questioning, and a short time later, APD officers approached.

"The officers got out with Tasers drawn demanding I raise my hands and step away from the child," he wrote. "I complied, and they roughly cuffed me, jerking my arms up behind me needlessly. Nine police cars plus the deputy constable all showing up to investigate the heinous crime of 'baby-sitting while white.'"

During a news conference Tuesday Police Chief Art Acevedo said officers responded appropriately, and video shows an officer calmly trying to ascertain if a kidnapping occurred. Henson refused to identify himself to the first responding officer, Acevedo said, which led to officers stopping him later.

In an email Friday, Henson asked police not to release the video.

Acevedo replied: "Scott, unfortunately we can't put the toothpaste back into the tube. You called us out on our response and I am in a position that I must show those interested that our officers not only reacted properly, but in an outstanding manner."

Henson watched the video last week and said his blog post had errors, but he still felt threatened by police.

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