Video: Car strikes FHP trooper on roadside

Daniel Morley had "an extremely close call" when a car struck him on I-95

By PoliceOne Staff

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — Dash cam shot from a Highway Patrol cruiser shows a car hit a trooper on the side of an interstate.

Daniel Morley suffered only minor injuries, but the hit was "an extremely close call," WPTV reported. In the video, the impact sends him staggering to the front of the vehicle, clearly in pain.

Lieutenant Tim Frith says the state's "Move Over Law," which the Highway Patrol is spotlighting this month, prohibits drivers getting too close to pulled over police vehicles. Violators can face up to $165 in fines.

"The minute you see flashing lights, whether it's a fire truck, a police car, or wrecker, you need to start taking some course of action," Frith said. "The 'Move Over Law' simply asks you to move over to the adjacent lane giving that emergency worker room to work."

Investigators have not released details about the driver.

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