Conn. woman claims she was arrested for videotaping police

Jennifer Gondola will appear in court on charges of interfering with police

By PoliceOne Staff

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — An Ansonia woman said police arrested her after she refused to give them a cell phone she used to videotape officers.

Jennifer Gondola, 35, was leaving a nightclub early Saturday morning when she began to film police who were arresting a man, The Connecticut Post reported

About ten minutes into her recording, Gondola said police noticed her and asked her twice to turn over the device. Instead of giving it up, she stuffed her phone into her bra.

"I told him it was my civil right to film and he told me he would need to review the tape," Gondola said. "I told him it wasn't evidence of the suspect doing a crime, it was police doing a crime."

Sgt. Chris Rubino, who she said had warned her she would be arrested if she did not comply, handcuffed her.

Gondola said she is innocent based on police policy, and internal investigators have opened a case based on her allegations against Rubino.

"It is the policy of the New Haven Department of Police Service to permit video recording of police activity as long as such recording does not interfere with ongoing police activity or jeopardize the safety of the general public or the police," Police General Order 311 says.

Gondola will appear in court June 12 on charges of interfering with police. Police confiscated her phone.

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