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DeadStop Announces Fall 2012 Northwest Road Tour

The DeadStop Trailer, loaded with an array of our currently available shields and options, will be touring the Northwest beginning September 5, 2012. This mobile showroom is already scheduled for many stops along the tour, with visits to local police departments and SWAT units as well as a stop at the NTOA Convention in Seattle September 9 – September 10. Contact us now to see how you can arrange for the trailer to come by your department or city and get the latest information on shields and shield technology. Examples of all of Level IIIA models as well as the new Level III Commander shield will be on board.  

- Roseburg, Oregon
- Portland, Oregon

9/9 - 9/10
- Seattle, Washington (NTOA Convention)

Walla Walla, Washington
- Boise, Idaho

- Logan, Utah
- Salt Lake City, Utah
- Provo, Utah

- Las Vegas, Nevada

Return to California    

The DeadStop tour team can schedule multiple stops along the way to demonstrate the lightweight, tactical advantage of the DeadStop Shields and the various accessories. Please call today to schedule a convenient time for this demo. This is an excellent opportunity to be able to see all of the shield variations in one place from the popular Level IIIA, Equalizer, to the newest Level III Commander.   Call us at 855.99LIGHT

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