Miyamoto Musashi’s advice for police officers

Submitted by:
Willie Cantu
San Antonio Police Dept., Texas


“Go away to places frightening to the common man.”

This quote is from Miyamoto Musashi, a famous Samurai warrior and swordsman. It comes from REAL “combat” experience. This was written in his language at his time and is a “tactical tip” for other warriors who sought more knowledge to better themselves and save their lives.

These words however, still hold true in value to warriors of this day.

What Musashi is encouraging is for a warrior to place himself in situations that a common man — namely, a “civilian” — would purposely avoid.

It is not a common man's job to do this, but it is what’s expected from any and all law enforcement officers in the course of their duties.

Basically what it means is to “test” yourself and your abilities by being proactive and vigilant as a police officer. Rather than just answer the calls given to you, self-initiate work by seeking active criminals or crimes “in-progress.”

By placing yourself into these types of situations against real life “crooks” you will test and verify your current tactics more readily than waiting to possibly run into these tests being reactive to calls.

No type of “role playing” can duplicate the mentality and actions of a true crook.

Train yourself on the job!

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