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Blauer Tactical Systems Announces a Four-day Control & Arrest Course

Blauer Tactical Systems Announces a Four-day Control & Arrest Course

Blauer Tactical Systems announces a four-day Control & Arrest course on Tuesday March 19 – Friday, March 22 at the Henderson Police Department right outside Las Vegas, Nevada.

The CONTROL & ARREST course is the BTS approach to the problems that face every officer who must penetrate the proverbial 'reactionary gap' and take a suspect into custody. Most conventional approaches have officers focusing on complex motor skills and their cuffing ritual before they've actually, tactically confirmed the suspect is a non-combatant. Coach Blauer wrote an article (treatise) called THE THEORY OF PRESUMED COMPLIANCE which explains some of the psychological and attitudinal issues that make sudden resistance at close-quarters such a problem.

This course is designed to teach the essential skills and drills for the application of Control & Arrest Tactics that are compatible with the S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM's Counter Ambush Training. Course content includes: Startle/Flinch Conversion Theory, establishing Point of Domination, control positions, solo and tandem takedowns, control to out of control Drills, handcuffing position and vehicle extraction. 

*Attendees that are certified as SPEAR System Coaches will receive instructor certification. It is not mandatory to be certified to receive the training but non SPEAR Certified Attendees will receive a completion diploma.

For more information and registration visit: http://www.regonline.com/SPEAR_ControlArrest_Henderson_NV

Additionally, we have Operator/Officer Survival courses coming up in February in Southern California and in March in Minnesota. Additional courses are being planned. For a complete listing go to:


If you have questions or are interested in hosting any Blauer Tactical Systems Course email combatives@blauertactical.com or call 877.773.2748.

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