Defense offers kinky photos in NY cannibal cop case

The defense hopes the images of women posing as meat will sway jurors to see the depictions as fantasy

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NEW YORK — Lawyers for a New York City police officer charged with seeking to kill and eat women want potential jurors to see kinky photos they say were part of their client's fantasy world.

One staged Internet photo shows a nude woman hog-tied and served up on a roasting tray. Another portrays a woman tied to spit over an open fire.

The proposed questionnaire would ask potential jurors if they have a bias against people who frequent Internet sites depicting sadomasochistic behavior.

A federal judge will rule on the request before trial starts next month for Gilberto Valle.

The 28-year-old was charged last fall with using a law enforcement database to make plans to kidnap, rape, kill and eat women. Lawyers have said he was merely fantasizing and intended no violence.

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