Video: LAPD chief details hunt for Christopher Dorner

More than 40 protection details have been assigned to possible targets of suspect

By PoliceOne Staff

LOS ANGELES — During a press conference Thursday, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck detailed the double homicide and killing of a Riverside police officer allegedly committed by former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner. 

Chief Beck said Dorner is believed to have killed Cal State Fullerton assistant basketball coach Monica Quan and her finance in Irvine Sunday, and ambushed two Riverside officers, killing one, Thursday morning.  

Chief Beck told reporters Dorner is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. He expressed his condolences to the families and the victims in the killing rampage, and said, "the Riverside cops had no chance to fight back." 

He gave no credence to Dorner’s rambling manifesto, in which the suspect stated he was fired for making what LAPD authorities judged to be a false complaint of excessive force against a fellow officer.

"You will find Dorner’s statements to be self serving and the statements of somebody that is extremely unhappy with his lot in life," Beck said

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