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High-Resolution Cameras Now Standard for Transit and Rail Video Surveillance Systems

Apollo Video Technology Ensures Highest Performance and Image Quality of Video Evidence

WOODINVILLE, Wash., February 04, 2011 – Apollo Video Technology (Apollo Video) announces that 100
percent of the company’s mobile video surveillance cameras, manufactured specifically for all types of mass
transit and rail vehicles, are operating in high resolution. Installed cameras capture images at a minimum of
540 TV lines of resolution, with some capturing images at 550 TV lines of resolution. This equipment is now
standard across Apollo Video’s entire range of camera equipment – interior and exterior mounting – on all
vehicle types, including transit, paratransit and passenger rail.

The standardization of high-resolution cameras allows Apollo Video’s entire inventory of camera equipment to
create the highest quality of play-back video and live video feeds. Cameras capturing video in high resolution
also feature technologies such as wide-dynamic range to respond better in bright light or varying light

“We design surveillance equipment that goes beyond just meeting our customers’ needs, but provides their
fleets with the highest performance and reliability including high resolution and backwards compatibility
regardless of the age of the system installed,” said Rodell Notbohm, general manager of Apollo Video
Technology. “With the standardization of high-resolution cameras across all of Apollo Video’s offerings, we’re
making a promise to our customer that high-quality video evidence will help protect the safety and security of
their passengers and community.”

Other features of Apollo Video’s camera equipment include:
•IR illumination for recording in low-light conditions
•Built-in audio recording
•Exterior cameras with IP67 rating for outdoor use designed to withstand bus washes, weather and
impacts from environmental factors such as tree branches
•Exterior cameras with heaters

For a complete listing of Apollo Video’s camera offerings please visit www.avt-usa.com.

About Apollo Video Technology
Apollo Video Technology (www.avt-usa.com) is a leading manufacturer of on-board and in-car digital
surveillance systems for public transit, school transportation, law enforcement, military, freight transport, and
fire and EMS applications. With government and private-sector installations throughout North America and
worldwide, Apollo Video's Mil-Spec and SAE rated RoadRunner line of video and audio systems simplifies
real-time video capture and reduces overall costs with exceptional quality, durability and easy offloading of

Since its release in 2004, The RoadRunner system has been installed in nearly 300 agencies worldwide –
representing over 10,000 total implementations. Apollo Video Technology has been selected to provide digital
video and audio surveillance systems by prominent public agencies such as Chicago METRA, King County
METRO, Kansas City Area Transit Authority, Edmonton Transit System, Los Angeles County Metro
Transportation Authority, City of Lincoln Nebraska and Winnipeg Transit.

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