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Blauer Tactical Systems announces the FREE 2013 SPEAR Symposium in San Diego

Open to all former SPEAR course attendees July 17-19, 2013

Encinitas, Calif. - Coach Blauer wants to show his appreciation to those who protect our freedoms and safety. As such he is inviting you to join him for 2 FREE days of training in San Diego. This course is open to any military/first responder who has trained with Blauer Tactical Systems before. 

The SPEAR Symposium will start the evening of July 17 with a welcome speech from Coach Blauer and a get-together of all attendees. Training will begin Thursday & Friday morning at 0800.

The camp will include lectures, written materials, physical skill development and drills, here is an example of what to expect.   

1. Gun Disarms
2. Defense from Rear Strangle
3. Multiple Assailant Skills
4. Vehicle Extractions 
5. Introduction to BTS Combat Calisthenics

If you have training guns, bring them. If you have High Gear, bring it.

The training is free. We will provide the coaching. You provide the sweat.

Re-certification/ALC/CEU: We will issue participation diplomas for those who can use the hours towards continued education.  We will also allow those who need to re-certify to test by demonstrating proficiency in both the written and practical S.P.E.A.R curriculum.  

Register ASAP a space is limited (Our location can only hold 75 attendees).

SPEAR Symposium attendees are also encouraged to stay the weekend and attend Coach Blauer's annual combatives camp at a reduced rate of just $99. The combatives camp is open to everyone, and Coach Blauer encourages you to bring your significant others, kids and family to the camp. As protectors, we often forget that while we may be prepared for violence and danger, we need to train the ones closest to us as well. This is a great opportunity. *Camp attendance is not required to attend the free Symposium.

Come train and meet other like-minded cops and soldiers who not only keep our country safe but are committed to honing their skills as DT & combatives SMEs so they can keep their partners and colleagues safe as well.

Register for symposium here.

Register for camp here.

If you have questions or are interested in hosting any Blauer Tactical Systems Course email combatives@blauertactical.com or call 877.773.2748.

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