Photos of the Week for May 3, 2013

  • http://police-praetorian.netdna-ssl.com/maydayprotest.jpg

    Police used flash bangs and pepper spray against some protesters pelting them with objects late Wednesday, as a spurt of violence erupted after a May Day march for immigration reform ended. Full story (Image YouTube)

    AP Photo/Australian Antarctic Division
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    A Birmingham, Ala., police officer provides security as thousands of young students prepare to march through downtown Birmingham, Ala., Thursday. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

    AP Photo
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    Police are investigating photos of scantily clad women posing with what appears to be a Tulsa (Okla.) police car. Full story (Image KTUL)

    AP Photo/Las Vegas Fire and Rescue
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    Police officers, law enforcement officials and family members from Illinois participate in the Annual Illinois Police Officers Memorial Service and Ceremony at the Illinois State Capitol Thursday in Springfield, Ill. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman)

    AP Photo
  • http://police-praetorian.netdna-ssl.com/coldwar.jpg

    It's no secret, on the streets of Philadelphia, police encounter some heavy firepower. On the range and on patrol, the department issued 9mm handgun has been the standard, but Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says it was time for a change to higher caliber weapons. Full story (Image ABC 6)

    AP Photo/John Javellana
  • http://police-praetorian.netdna-ssl.com/discouragment.jpg

    Riot police try to stop members of Golden Dawn party to unload a vehicle with food in central Athens, on Thursday. Police prevented Golden Dawn from setting up a free food distribution event for Greeks only in the city’s main Syntagma Square, opposite Parliament, in defiance of a municipal ban on such events in the square. (AP Photo/ Newsbeast/ Yannis Kemmos)

    AP Photo
  • http://police-praetorian.netdna-ssl.com/superdrunk.jpg

    A Michigan principal arrested for drunk driving slipped out of her cuffs while in the backseat of a squad. At least she nicely tried to hand them to the officer who was driving! Full story (Image WXYZ.com)

    AP Photo/Matt Rourke

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