Video: Gift-snatching thieves cornered by cops

Three 'anti-santas' made off with presents from three homes in December before police caught them

By PoliceOne Staff

CASTLE GRESLEY, England — Dash cam footage released Tuesday shows police pursuing and eventually arresting a trio of thieves who had stolen Christmas presents from multiple homes and made off in a white van.

Darren Hackett, Francis Gilsenan and Daniel Sheridan broke into a home in Castle Gresley, England, last December and loaded gifts into the homeowner’s van — which they also stole, according to the Express and Star.

The men, who came to be known as ‘anti-santas,’ made two more stops before police spotted them and a pursuit ensued.

A spike strip was deployed, deflating a tire and quickly ending the pursuit. Police and K-9 units can be seen cornering the suspects.

Hackett, 31, received a five-year sentence for burglary and dangerous driving. Gilsenan and Sheridan each received two years, according to the article.

“These were particularly cruel crimes: they stole Christmas presents like games consoles that were clearly destined for young children. They’ll now be spending several Christmases behind bars,” said Sgt. Nick Barnes. 

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