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Treat Bleeding Wounds with Tactical Medical Packs' TAC-PACK Advanced

Preparing officers for life-threatening emergencies when every second counts

Crimes are unpredictable and crimes involving guns are all too common. Without the proper supplies, vicitims of a gunshot can bleed to death in minutes. Tactical Medical Packs give you the supplies required to manage life-threatening bleeding and save lives.

The TAC-PACK® Advanced with QuikClot® Combat Gauze LE delivers advanced technology to manage life-threatening bleeding. It features hemostatic agents in addition to a tourniquet and is intended for the emergency treatment of open or bleeding wounds, gunshot wounds, stab wounds, explosive trauma, and certain smoke & dust conditions. These pocket size trauma packs are lightweight and easy to carry and are designed for law enforcement, special operations and security services.

The TAC-PACK emergency medical kit includes:
• Pair Latex Free Gloves
•Compression Bandage
•ABD Pad
•Cover Sponge
•N-95 Mask
•QuikClot® 1st Response

About Tactical Medical Packs
The Tac-Pack® was developed for government purposes by leading trauma surgeon, Dr. Maurizio Miglietta. The end result was a trauma kit small enough to be worn in a suit pocket yet still capable of offering the essential items needed to treat various injuries. The company subsequently branched out to offer specific product lines to fill the unique needs of a particular task. Today, our trauma packs are utilized by various federal and local law enforcement agencies but are also available to the general public. The trauma pack's unique design and packaging allow it to be used as an everyday carry item. It's size, cost, and shape is a must have for anyone at risk for injury.


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